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Who is A.D?

Hey frens, A.D here, but you obviously know that as the title stated and because I am the only writer on this page (cries in person). You can probably skip this narcissistic post of mine if you really wan't to (please don't) but if you are still curious about who is this dimwit, then bare with me, or rather endure with me *sad face*.

I was received in Pakistan, so I guess that makes me Pakistani by ethnicity? Yeah, probably. I was born in ablehb--shit what was that? I was born in ksdajsklj--What the frick?! Let's just forget about this enigma and never bring it up, i mean, NEVER. Now, you guys wanna know what the frick is A.D? You do right? Please? I will tell you anyways. It stands for Ammaarh Durhman (and I thought I was being mysterious, but I am, just stick along a little further), do you guys really think it's my real name? HAAH, GOT EM! No, it's not, incase you haven't already figured it out, you rather plummeting witted person! (So am I, don't feel s…

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