Who is A.D?

Hey frens, A.D here, but you obviously know that as the title stated and because I am the only writer on this page (cries in person). You can probably skip this narcissistic post of mine if you really wan't to (please don't) but if you are still curious about who is this dimwit, then bare with me, or rather endure with me *sad face*.

I was received in Pakistan, so I guess that makes me Pakistani by ethnicity? Yeah, probably. I was born in ablehb--shit what was that? I was born in ksdajsklj--What the frick?! Let's just forget about this enigma and never bring it up, i mean, NEVER. Now, you guys wanna know what the frick is A.D? You do right? Please? I will tell you anyways. It stands for Ammaarh Durhman (and I thought I was being mysterious, but I am, just stick along a little further), do you guys really think it's my real name? HAAH, GOT EM! No, it's not, incase you haven't already figured it out, you rather plummeting witted person! (So am I, don't feel sad fren). It's my pseudonym that is my 'pen name'. Let me give you a hint, it's also an anagram of my real name, cool, right?

About my writing, I just write whatever I am feeling at that moment, hence pretty negligible amount of lovestruck, because I have never been in love or loved someone rather than my own bloodline either, perplexing, isn't it? How a rather alluring piece of art like me is single? Haven't crossed my mind either, don't think about it. The most of my writings are pretty much going to be about the daily struggles of life, as myself, i suffer with depression, i have been managing to keep it at bay, but it escalates at few pinpoints, God help all of us through these evils (Ameen). So if you can relate to my writings, you are my host and can find solace here as long as you desire. One more thing, regarding the few little references, yes I fancy Twenty-one Pilots, not in their Skeleton clique(Which is the aspect of their diehard fan base) but since I can still relate to their songs and want to follow Tyler as, hopefully, he finds his faith.

Anyway, that's all people, I hope you enjoy your stay here, whole heartily love for you all, till next time.


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